Ephemories, 2017

Ephemories” is an interactive VR installation that was presented in several exhibitions in Germany. It was a part of “Räume 2” at the Berlin Art Week and at Tech Open Air Berlin in 2018. The installation projects a speculative and poetic vision of the future of travelling:  In today's reality, when traveling, we are prone to capture every exciting instant with digital gadgets without having in mind the vital necessity of experiencing the real and tangible. Reawakening traveling memories is about accessing an infinity of virtual archives. Ephemories envisions a new concept for memory preservation in the future of traveling. It seeks the real involvement of the traveler by showing how special those once-in-a-lifetime moments could actually be. It finds an abstract though tangible way to play with the senses and the memories that are stored in our brain and filtering only those ones that really matter. 

This work was exhibited at Glogauair Open Studios (Berlin, 2017), Tech Open Air (Berlin, 2017) and Berlin Art Week (Berlin, 2018) 

VR glasses, mattress, glowing pillow, souvenirs with transparent and iridescent paper, mini-CDs, bubble wrap, polaroid photos and edible paper, vase, wooden frames.

Year: 2017/2018
Contributors: Clara Oliveiro, Priscila Zuazo, Kaan Buran