El Blanco Infinito, 2017

Mitigated by nature, the line where land and sky meet like borders between countries, becomes indistinct. The salty snow makes it impossible to differentiate sky from land, creating a white labyrinth with no division, boundaries or paths.

We look for ourselves in a white world of thick fog. The colours we find become moments of clarity and discovery - transposed at any moment by the black and white of night and snow. Uncertainty and disorder. The violence of the storm deprives all shapes, paths and tracks from distinctness. The encounter with colours is a relief, a glorious moment of peace and beauty in El Blanco Infinito.
Text by Fernanda Santis

This work was exhibited at Subculture Collective Exhibition Week (Berlin, 2017) and at the Berlin Art Week (2018).

Exhibition at Räume 2, part of the Berlin Art Week.

Exhibition at Blue Art Space, part of the Subculture Collective Gallery Week.